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We invite you to be a part of the National Tour with assessments, classifications and inspections in all states of Australia.

Scheduled to commence on the 3rd March, horse and pony owners from all over Australia are invited to participate in the 2019 National Tour with International Breed Judge (Zuchtricher FN), Frank Weisskirchen from Germany.

If you would like your horse or pony assessed/inspected for the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc., the Holsteiner Horse Society of Australia Ltd or the Independent Pinto Horse Society Inc., it must be registered with that group and the owner a current member.

The National Tour also offers Open inspections for horses not registered with any of the participating groups.


Each pony/horse is assessed/scored individually for conformation and free movement with ponies/horses aged 3 yrs and over having the option of assessment/scoring under saddle and/or jumping.


Scores will be used by each group for their own assessment and classification purposes.

An exciting part of the 2019 Tour will be the information sessions to be held at various venues around Australia (dates/venues to be advised) to discuss a proposed stallion and mare performance testing system specifically for Australia.  

 Frank Weisskirchen 

  • International Breed Judge (Zuchtricher FN - German National Federation)

  • German Trakehner Association (Trakehner Verband) - Board of Stallion Owners

  • More than 20 years of experience in warmblood breeding, especially Trakehners with significant thoroughbred influence

  • More than 20 years of experience in international horse marketing

  • Successful and internationally recognised breeder of, and agent for high-class sport horses for eventing, dressage and show jumping


Owners of horses and ponies can now book for ridden and/or jumping only assessments in the Open section of the National Tour (ie: no conformation/free movement assessment required.


To book, please visit the Open Assessment page here . . . 

Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc.

Any breed or type of pony with known or unknown pedigree to a maximum height of 148 cms (14.2 1/4hh) is eligible for assessment and/or registration with the ASPR Inc.   Horses over 148 cms are eligible for the Small Horse and Over Height Registries.


Members receive free advertising, discounted entry fees and free entry into the Annual High Point and Roll of Merit Awards.


Membership and registration with the ASPR is required to participate in the 2019 National Tour.

Independent Pinto Horse Society Inc.

The IPHS registers eligible Pinto or Pintaloosa horses and ponies within Australia and is a performance focused society encouraging members to participate in all equestrian disciplines from showing, sporting, dressage, riding club, showjumping, barrel racing etc.


The IPHS offers a system of points to attain awards and recognition of achievements in an annual awards program with value for money membership.


Membership and registration with the IPHS is required for participation in the 2019 National Tour.

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Holsteiner Horse Association Australia Ltd.

Eligible purebred Holsteiner mares, stallions and geldings of any age can be classified.


Derivative Holsteiner mares, stallions and geldings of any age are also welcome to participate in the classification.


All horses need to be registered with the HHAA and all owners need to be financial members to participate in the 2019 National Tour.

Open Assessments

Horses do not have to be registered with any of the above groups and may be any age and breed.

If a breed group/registry is interested in using the Open Assessment section of the National Tour for your own High Score Awards, please visit the Open Assessment page  -  more information here . . .

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