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The ASPR issued ‘Equine Identification Document’ lists detailed information (including extended pedigree, assessment scores, performance results, vaccination and veterinary records and much more) and conforms to the European standard.


Ponies/horses assessed on the National Tour, as well as non-assessed ponies registered will all receive an Equine ID Document which is enclosed in a sturdy vinyl cover.


Using similar SAMMS technology that is based on the systems adopted by many breed stud books, every pony and horse that has been registered with the ASPR since 2004 is entered into the online Stud Book. Many ponies and horses have multiple registrations and where known, the additional registration information is included. 


Members receive free advertising on the ASPR web site and in the 'Sports Pony' Newsletter, discounted entry fees and free entry into the Annual High Point and Roll of Merit (Lifetime Achievement) Awards.  Members with registered ponies/horses are also eligible for the innovative ASPR Breeding Crown titles and to participate in the Stallion/Mare Test (AU).

Requirements for participation on the 2019 National Tour  


  • Owner must be a current ASPR member

  • Pony/horse must be registered with the ASPR (prior to the commencement of the Tour)  

  • Pony/horse registered for the 2019 Tour may choose to have the Premium grading achieved recorded in their Equine Identification Document and in the ASPR Online Stud Book.

  • Owners who decide not to record the Premium grading will be issued with a Non-Assessed Equine Identification Document and will have pony/horse listed as Non-Assessed in the ASPR Online Stud Book. These ponies/horses are ineligible for the National Tour Awards.

  • Entires aged 3 years and over must adhere to the Equestrian Australia's Stallion Safe Practice Guidelines.

  • Entires aged 3 years and over must supply a DNA Profile. (DNA kits available from the ASPR)

  • No colt or stallion may be presented by any person under the age of 17 years.

  • All entire males aged 2 years and over must be led with a bridle and bit.

  • Approved safety helmets must be worn at all times when riding, including the warm-up.

  • All handlers and riders (excl. colts and stallions) must be a minimum of ten (10) years of age.

  • Horses exceeding 148 cms but not exceeding 158 cms (without shoes) are eligible for assessment and/or registration in the Small Horse Register.

  • Horses exceeding 158 cms (without shoes) are eligible for assessment and/or registration in the Over Height Register.

Book your pony/horse in for ASPR assessment here

​Any breed or type of pony with known or unknown pedigree to a maximum height of 148 cms (without shoes) (14.2 1/4hh) is eligible for assessment and/or registration with the ASPR Inc.   Horses over 148 cms are eligible for the Small Horse and Over Height Registries.


Each animal is assessed and scored individually and will receive a comprehensive Equine Identification Document and listing in the ASPR online stud book. An assessed pony or horse may be graded into one of three categories, depending on the assessment score. 


  • Elite  -  80% plus

  • Premium  -  78% to under 80%

  • 1st Premium  -  70% to under 78%

NEW  -  Registered and assessed ASPR ponies and horses may now aply for a ridden and/or jumping only assessment on the National Tour.

Ponies and horses that have previously been

assessed and registered with the ASPR for

conformation and free movement only, may now apply for a ridden and/or jumping

assessment without re-presenting for the

conformation and free movement phases.


The ridden and/or jumping assessment score will be added to the existing grading.  Changes to grading status (eg: 1st Premium to Premium or Premium to Elite) will be recorded in the ASPR Stud Book.


If your pony/horse has been assessed for

conformation and free movement only with

a recognised and approved stud book/registry,

application may be made to the ASPR Federal

Office to have those scores recognised.


Owner must be a current ASPR financial member.


If you are interested in booking a ridden

and/or jumping only assessment on the

forthcoming National Tour, please contact the ASPR Federal Office.

Two brand new awards have been added to the ASPR section of the 2019 National Tour as part of our Golden Garland  -  Celebrating Excellence Awards.

The Golden Garland Award for the ASPR National High Score Exhibit (taken from all age groups and heights) will receive a special Golden Garland.

The Golden Garland Award for the ASPR National High Score Australian Bred Exhibit (taken from all age groups and heights  -  sire/dam & grand sire/grand dam must be Australian bred) will also receive a special Golden Garland.

As well as the above new awards, the ASPR National Assessment Tour already features the following High Score Awards :


  • All ponies/horses assessed Elite will receive a special rosette. All ponies/horses assessed 1st Premium or Premium will receive a special sash. 

  • National High Score Foal (Trophy)

  • National High Score Premium Pony (Trophy)


Rug and special plaque sponsored by Pryde’s EasiFeed will be awarded to :

  • National Best Presented (all age groups)

  • National High Score Yearling

  • National High Score 2 yo

  • National High Score 3 yo & over

  • National High Score Broodmare

  • National High Score Entire 3 yrs & over

  • National High Score Ridden

  • National High Score Jumping

  • National High Score Over Height




The 2019 Tour provides the perfect opportunity for stallion and mare owners to start the exciting journey of achieving a Breeding Crown title (gained through progeny points) and/or commence the process of gaining a Stallion/Mare Test (AU).

Read more about the ASPR Breeding Crown titles here 

Read more about the ASPR Stallion/Mare Test (AU) here

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